Using Diode Laser Technology, we are now able to offer you fast and effective hair removal treatments suitable for all skin types. A thorough consultation is given where we will discuss the treatment in full and how the process of Laser Hair Removal works. We will analyse your skin type and hair colour to personalise a treatment plan for you with progress documented. Following each session the hair growth will become less and less. Diode Laser Technology is safe, effective and does not cause damage to the skins surface.

Benefits of laser hair removal:
  • Saves time on regular waxing appointments and daily shaving

  • Helps get rid of ingrown hairs

  • The skin is super smooth after a course of laser hair removal treatments, no more bumps

  • Bikini ready all the time

  • Long term results

  • Fast treatment

How long does the treatment take?

Laser hair removal is a very quick treatment, for instance the underarms can be done in 3 minutes!

I normally wax, can I still have laser?

If you are a regular waxer, you need to stop waxing at least 4-6 weeks prior to your first treatment. This is to allow the hair bulbs to re-grow as this is what we target.

What do I need to do before my appointment?

You must shave the area the night before your treatment as we need stubble to carry out the treatment but no long hairs. It is best not to do it on the morning of the appointment as you will have increased skin sensitivity.

I use a sun bed/am going on a sunny  holiday?

Prior sun exposure on the treatment area will make you much more sensitive to the treatment. It is VERY important you do not use a sun bed or have sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your appointment. The treatment area must then be kept out of the sun for another one-two weeks and using SPF after your treatment is essential.

Does it hurt?

Any discomfort is minimal. You will slightly feel the treatment but our special Diode Laser has a cooling head for added comfort

How many sessions will I need?

How many sessions are needed is specific to each client, as it depends on the skin tone and hair colour. 6-10 is an average amount of sessions. It is recommended to leave 4-6 weeks between appointments depending on skin type and tone. You can shave in between this time.

Are there any skin types or hair colours that won’t work with the Diode Laser?

We have invested in a Diode Laser which means it is suitable for all skin tones, fair to dark. All hair colours are suitable to be treated with the Diode Laser except for grey or white hair.

Is it permanent?

After a course of laser hair removal treatments it is recommended that you a maintenance session approximately once per year to keep up the long term results.

I've had laser hair removal before and it didn't work as well as I'd hoped

This is a common question, often poor quality lasers have been used previously or instead it was an IPL machine. The Diode Laser is the most effective type of laser for hair removal with maximum results.


If any of these apply to you please get in touch first.

Pregnant, any use of blood thinners, use of photosynthesis herbs e.g. St Johns Wart or Fever Few, autoimmune conditions or medications, cancer, use of steroids, use of acne medication, vitiligo or any skin conditions.

Long Term Results For Unwanted Hair


Get 50% OFF the price shown for your first session

Bikini Line £60

High Bikini £80

Brazilian £110

Hollywood £130

Buttocks £90

Underarms £70

Chin £50

Top Lip £40

Full Face £100

Lower Legs £115

Full Legs £170

Tummy £90



Top Lip & Chin £80

Chin & Jawline £80

Underarm & Bikini Line £120

Underarm & High Bikini £140

Underarm & Brazilian £170

Underarm & Hollywood £180