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Do you have an unwanted body tattoo or permanent makeup that needs to be removed? We can help!

At the Sarah Larvin Clinic, we specialise in Laser Tattoo Removal. Our medical grade laser is MHRA approved, meaning you are in safe hands.

Many people have unwanted body tattoos for various reasons which we can help to remove as well as unwanted permanent makeup or microblading that may no longer be suitable. Whatever the reason is for wanting your tattoo gone, we can help you.

At the Sarah Larvin Clinic, we specialise in Laser Tattoo Removal. Our medical grade laser is MHRA approved, unlike other lasers on the market. The treatment works by using the laser light to shatter the ink. The tattoo ink that was tattooed into the skin by the tattoo artist will sit at different levels in the skin. Each laser session will shatter the shallowest layers of ink in the dermis. The body will flush away the top layers of shattered ink and the process will be repeated at the next session when the laser is now able to hit the next layer of ink.

How does it work?

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How many sessions will I need?

Tattoo removal is usually a several month commitment for clients. On average clients may need 3-10 sessions of removal. The amount of sessions required will be unique to each client as it depends on skin fitzpatrick, whether the tattoo is professional or amateur, colour of tattoo and where on the body the tattoo is located. At your first appointment we can give you an approximate guide as to how many sessions you may need.


You must not be pregnant or breastfeeding, no history of keloid scars, had a reaction to laser removal previously, no injectables in the treatment site, some acne medications in the last 12 months, no implants/metal plates/pacemakers directly under the site of the tattoo, if you have had an organ transplant and are taking associated medications, skin conditions in the treatment area e.g. eczema or psoriasis. During the course of treatments the treated area must be protected from sun exposure. Not protecting the area from sun exposure will result in hyperpigmentation.

Will I need a patch test?

Yes, providing none of the contraindications apply, please book your first appointment online and we will get in touch to arrange a patch test for you prior to your appointment.

With any form of tattoo removal, there can be a small chance of scarring. The treated area must also be kept out of the sun during the treatment process to avoid hyperpigmentation.

What are the risks?


Prices listed are per session. It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks between sessions.

PMU Eyebrows £80

XS Tattoo up to 5x5cm £55

Small Tattoo up to 8x8 cm £75

Medium Tattoo up to 10x10cm £90

Large Tattoo up to 15x15cm £120

XL Tattoo POA


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