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Permanent makeup is a specialist technique, technically known as Micropigmentation (machine method). It is a cosmetic tattoo used to enhance the eyebrows, lips and eyes.

People have Permanent Makeup for all different reasons. One of the most popular is to save time on daily makeup routines. Time spent perfecting brow shapes, fixing smudged eyeliner and re-applying lipstick becomes a thing of the past. With changing trends, many of us have over plucked brows and want to create a more modern look. These treatments are also used for people with hair loss conditions such as alopecia or for those affected by cancer who have lost their eyebrows.

Many different styles and shapes can be created with Permanent Makeup. Eyebrows can be filled in with hair strokes to recreate a natural look. If you like more definition, combination and powder brows are perfect for those who use brow pencils daily. The machine method is also used for both eyeliner, lip liner and lip blush.

The treatment is carried out using a digital machine with a tiny needle cartridge to implant colour into the skin. This method is gentle on the skin and heals quite quickly. After care advice is discussed prior to treatment and provided in a take home leaflet.

Does it hurt?

Topical anesthetics is used prior to treatment to numb the skin and re-applied during the treatment for a comfortable experience.

Do I have to have to come back after the first treatment?

After your very first treatment, it is essential that you come back for the second stage of the treatment 4 weeks later, known as the ‘touch up’. This will ensure perfection and is included in the price. After this, an annual colour boost appointment is recommended.

How long does it last?

It is recommended that you return for a colour boost in 12-18 months after having the initial treatment. This will keep your colour fresh and defined. The cost of a colour boost is half of the original treatment if you return within the recommended 12-18 months. For colour boots left longer than 18 months, additional costs may apply.

Is it safe?

Sarah is professionally trained and fully insured. Treatments are carried out in a sterile environment and all safety procedures are adhered to. Aftercare advice is also provided to help you to care for the treated area post-treatment.