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Many people have unwanted body tattoos for various reasons which we can help to remove as well as unwanted permanent makeup or microblading that may no longer be suitable. Whatever the reason is for wanting your tattoo gone, we can help you.

At the Sarah Larvin Clinic, we specialise in Laser Tattoo Removal, meaning you’re in safe hands. The treatment works by using the laser light to shatter the ink. The tattoo ink that was tattooed into the skin by the tattoo artist will sit at different levels in the skin. Each laser session will shatter the shallowest layers of ink in the dermis. The body will flush away the top layers of shattered ink through the lymphatic system and the process will be repeated at the next session when the laser is now able to hit the next layer of ink.

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Prices listed are per session. It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks between sessions.

  • PMU Eyebrows £80
  • XS Tattoo up to 5x5cm £55
  • Small Tattoo up to 8×8 cm £75
  • Medium Tattoo up to 10x10cm £90
  • Large Tattoo up to 15x15cm £120
  • XL Tattoo POA

Frequently Asked Questions

About Laser Tattoo Removal

  • How many sessions will I need?

    Tattoo removal is usually a several month commitment for clients. On average clients may need 3-10 sessions of removal. The amount of sessions required will be unique to each client as it depends on skin fitzpatrick, whether the tattoo is professional or amateur, colour of tattoo and where on the body the tattoo is located. At your first appointment we can give you an approximate guide as to how many sessions you may need.

  • Does it hurt?

    There can be minor discomfort during tattoo removal. We use cooling methods to help numb the skin and make the treatment comfortable. The treatment itself is very quick.

  • Permanent Eyebrow Removal

    An increasing request due to poor work is to have semi permanent makeup or microblading removed. We can remove unwanted brows with the laser technology. Generally semi permanent makeup is implanted more superficially in the skin and does not require as many sessions as body tattoos. 2-4 sessions will remove most brows.

Your journey

Your consultation

A thorough consultations and skin analysis is carried out as well as discussing all your requirements.

Your treatment

Each treatment is bespoke to meet individual client needs and is carried out in our private clinic rooms.


Comprehensive aftercare information is given following all treatments to maximise results.

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